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Post  Stinger on 22nd November 2010, 8:13 am

The following information is for War and Scrimming.
The rules are:

1. We do not have a set "scrim team" ANYONE who is a CASC Member gets a chance to scrim if they want too, No matter how bad or good you think they are.

2. Bunny Hopping / BHOP or any of that bouncing shit, is prohibited.

3. Camping is allowed as it is War and not a "rush" server.

4. Scrimming Will ONLY be done on the |ČάşČ| War server, OR the opposing teams war server, and NOT on our Public GG server.

5. Spectating is prohibited (as other teams do not like this).

6. What the Scrim Leader or Chief Says GOES. On some occasions a non-scrim chief will be assigned to be the Leader, and in this case, Him (or Her) will be the point of call (this is decided during warm up if there is uncertainty).

7. All Members MUST carry the |ČάşČ| When in a scrim, our Name is our power, we want to be known as the Crazy As Clowns that are hard to beat, not the ones that are easy to defeat.

8. All Scrim Results (no Matter How good or bad they are) Should be put in the War / Scrim Folder in the RESULTS Section.

9. And the most important rule, HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT DOES NOT MATTER IF U WIN OR LOSE, ITS HOW ITS PLAYED!!

cheers [b]

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