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Post  BlueRhino on 7th December 2010, 2:15 pm

Hey hey, I think the music on the server really sets the atmosphere for players.. so lets get some tunes either everyone l o v e s, or we can have a laugh at.

Personally i'd love to see some hendrix or marley.. who doesn't love them. Or Carls douglas kung fu fighting - during knife fights. Cmon imagine that stoned i might just wee a little bit ;-)

I know music is a bit of a touch and go subject, and even if many people agree with me it mightn't happen for some time Very Happy

And my only other suggestion is to get rid of that map shaped like a horse shoe with the glass in the middle.. even when it's 90% clan members on half of us are camping & half of us are bitching to change the map or STOP BLOODY CAMPING. It's not a rush map, i'd rather see a dogs arse in the middle of doing a poo than play that again.

Anyway cheers for reading this and considering my suggestions? Peace! =]

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