Random joke - well i think it is lol

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Random joke - well i think it is lol

Post  duck on 31st January 2011, 5:19 pm

Here a kinda lame one to break the ice:

Boy: wanna hear a joke?
Girl: ok
Boy: Knock Knock
Girl Who's there?
Boy: will you marry
girl: will you marry who?
Boy: Will you marry me
Girl: OMG YUS!!!
Boy: it was a joke
Now time for the main one Smile

Boy:do u want to play the fire engine game?
Girl: how do u play that?
Boy:my fingers are the fire engine and i drive up your legs. you say 'red light!' when you want me to stop.
Girl:okay lets play. after a few seconds...
Girl:red light!
Boy:fire engines dont stop for red lights


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Re: Random joke - well i think it is lol

Post  Filthpig on 2nd February 2011, 6:48 am


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