Unban request for ||ShEEk||

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Unban request for ||ShEEk||

Post  ShEEk on 3rd February 2011, 2:37 pm

Hi there,

I was just banned for camping. It was on the lego arena map. I ran up the slope going towards the back wall and then jumped over into the right corridor and knifed the first person i could see and then chased after the next person with whatever gun i had. i was "slapped" once and then kicked/banned for camping. I wasn't camping in the one spot. I was chasing after who ever i could see.

The admin on at the time was sic_as (BOSS)

I'm really sorry if that is considered camping on this server. I really like playing on this server with you guys. This is the first rush server i've been on and i like it more than normal gungame servers, where i usually get killed by campers.

Thanks for reviewing my request,




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