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Post  JDoyle64 on 14th November 2011, 5:06 pm

Yo, noticed a few bad habits from players during wars so gonna just chuck up this 101, a bit of revision never hurt anybody. Some of the content posted here may be fairly common sense, but a lot is currently being neglected.

The thing that's most neglected over all else in a gungame war is the players life. Allowing the enemy to kill you not only neglects your team of a player for that round, but puts the enemy one step closer to winning the game.
Every death for you is a point for the enemy.

Pick your battles!:
This fits in with feeding, if the enemy has an advantage over you at your current location, fall back, pick another path through the map and do damage elsewhere. You surviving may, and most likely will result in a better outcome than simply scoring a single kill and dying.
You're useless to the team if dead!

The art of camping:
Seemingly the most controversial subject among GunGame players.
Camping is not a cheap trick, it's an invaluable tactic, but one to be used in moderation for sure. This doesn't mean camping backwall or hiding in corners, you may have already engaged the enemy in combat: Why poke your head around the corner and give him the shot? Wait for him to come to you, line up your shot and just wait for your chance to pull the trigger.
Walking into gunfire is never a smart move.

Break your habits!:
This is a problem with the maps really, but I'm sure most of you have noticed the bias spawning on maps such as aim_shotty. Seemingly always spawning players in a spot where they naturally want to take the left path. You're going to have to actively think about this one, and make sure you don't take the same route too often. Another issue here is people avoiding certain areas, such as the center(glass) area on funtimes for fear of being left exposed in the center of the map. This is putting yourself and the entire team at a disadvantage, the center is not only a great route for flanking enemies at the side routes and rushing the middle. The glass "holes" also provide great escape routes, or hiding spots you can use until an ally can assist you.
Don't limit yourself, use the entire map!

Don't be afraid to call for help if pinned down by the enemy, instead of risking your life for the chance of scoring kills: Stay in cover, bide time and distract the enemy until an ally can move in to help. Return the favor! If an ally is engaged with an enemy, get in there and help them out! There are no steals among team!
You're not alone, make use of your team.

Depending on how this is received, I may put forth the time to write up some more in depth articles pointed more at specific maps & tactics than general game play tips. There's also a lot more I'd like to add to this list, but I'll leave that till I know whats going to be done with it.

Discussion & constructive criticism welcome.

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