Um... sic_as suggested I post here.

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Um... sic_as suggested I post here.

Post  igadget on 20th September 2012, 3:48 pm

Name: Jason
Age: 46 (and WAY too old to be playing games)
In Game Name: iGadget
Previous Clans (if any): YAK in about 1998 (Team Fortress - the original!) Smile
A little info about yourself:
Used to write games commercially, now just play them.
Run a software company.
Got 3 kids & another on the way.
Used to be a uni lecturer.
Grew up in a castle in England.
Still got my original Steam ID from 2004? I.e. never installed hacks.
Suffer mild 'essential tremor' in my hands that makes knifing tricky and got me banned from Inversion Therapy twice (they thought it was the world's worst aimbot!)


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Re: Um... sic_as suggested I post here.

Post  sic_as on 21st September 2012, 1:52 pm

gday igadget cheers 4 the application, we have a 2 week trial period so both parties can meet, so play heaps mate and have fun

sum 1 will get bak 2 u
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